Food for thought

‘Experience the gentleness & severity of nature against your skin, and feel grateful for the preciousness of the life force.’

— Shoukei Matsumoto, Shin-Buddhist monk

Beauty & well-being

Beauty brand in the spotlight: Skin Owl

Knowing the beauty brand from afar and enjoying using their products is one thing, but meeting the founder allows you to view the brand in a completely different light and from multiple angles. You[...] read more


In-conversation with chef & food writer Olia Hercules, author of Kaukasis & Mamushka

I was indirectly introduced to food writer, chef & stylist Olia Hercules by my photographer friend Aneta through Olia’s first book, ‘Mamushka’, that[...] read more


My latest experience with Cartier: customer service vs profit

I, like most people, enjoy the allure and beauty of jewellery that is created by luxury companies & expert craftsmen, but my latest experience with Cartier made me question the[...] read more


Rosalena Skincare: In-conversation with Helena Chapman & Maja Griffith

My first meeting with Helena Chapman & Maja Griffith, founders of the British natural brand Rosalena Skincare, happened during London Fashion week[...] read more


Lesson learnt from my son & his teacher: the miracle of R.J. Palacio’s ‘Wonder’

Sometimes miracles take place right under our noses without us taking notice, but when we do, a sense of surprise seems overwhelming. My son has been reading R. J. Palacio’s ‘Wonder’[...] read more


Ways to keep healthy in winter: Cytoplan supplements

Like many of you I have been run off my feet in the last few months. With work & family demands tearing me at the seams and often making me feel frustrated that one or the other has to give, at[...] read more


100 days of President Trump IQ2 debate in London

It’s always fascinating to see political debates in public, garnering emotions that rule over people taking part, whether on stage or in the audience. Last night’s Intelligence[...] read more

Travel/out & about

Porridge, coffee and things that matter in life

This December saw me make my annual ‘pilgrimage’ to Helsinki and after a full-on year of all kinds of tribulations, I couldn’t wait to hug my friends and enjoy a slightly different[...] read more

Women’s issues

Self-care with Nadia Narain & Katia Narain Phillips

Self-care seems to be the latest buzz word, but in actual fact it is something that many of us have been practising or neglecting to do for many years. It is something that all of us need in our busy[...] read more